Nick Young wants to be the star of ‘Kazaam 2′

“I watched all of Shaq’s movies.”

Rolling Stone asked Lakers personality Nick Young if you have to be serious to be a great NBA player. His response was perfect.

As a player, you model yourself after other players. Kobe takes the same approach as Michael Jordan. But I follow someone like Magic Johnson; he showed emotion, he smiled and jumped around, he was happy for his teammates. There needs to be more players like that.

Look at Shaq; he went out and had a movie called Kazaam. I’m trying to make Kazaam 2, with me as the star. We hope to push it to the theaters, but it might be straight-to-DVD [laughs]. I watched all of Shaq’s movies. Steel, when he was the hero with the iron suit on, oh man! It’s hard to act, period. So to watch somebody that’s seven feet tall in an all-iron suit, that’s big!

WE WOULD WATCH KAZAAM 2. Please make this happen, Swaggy P. Make it happen immediately.

(h/t CBS Sports)

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