Nick Young has the perfect plan to save Kobe

“Just give me the ball.”

The burden of single-handedly saving the Lakers is wearing Kobe Bryant down. Byron Scott said he’s worried about it. Kobe said he’s worried about. Nick Young … has an idea about how to fix it.


Here’s the full quote, from USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick. (The full story, worth reading, is here.)

“Hats off to (Bryant), still going out there every night and trying to do his best,” Young began before offering his solution. “Just give me the ball, and that’s what could happen. I’m always down to take over the load. Let me, let Wayne (Ellington) take a couple shots. But majority, just give me the ball.”

“(Bryant) still goes out there at night and tries to give his best. We need Kobe out there, and he knows it. But he don’t need to kill himself. That’s what I’m here for.”

The thing is … he’s not wrong.

The only serious argument for Kobe starting over Swaggy right now is the need for playmaking. But then Kobe has a 1.4:1 assist-TOV ratio.

— Tom Ziller (@teamziller) December 22, 2014

Still lots of noise, but the sample size keeps getting bigger:

— Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) December 22, 2014

Do it, Kobe. Let Swaggy P save you!

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