Nick Spaling loves getting no-look passes from Sidney Crosby

At least, we think he does.

I don’t mean to put word into Nick Spaling’s mouth, but if I had to guess I would imagine that he would agree: receiving no-look passes from Sidney Crosby is awesome!

crosby 1

Spaling put the Penguins up, 1-0 after this smooth pass from Captain Penguin.

crosby 2

Underrated part of this beautiful play? Spaling tripping over Dan Girardi.

But this wasn’t the only time Crosby sent a no-look pass Spaling’s way. Earlier in the first, Crosby intercepted a pass behind the Rangers goal and sent it tape-to-tape to Spaling.

Crosby 3

Sure, Spallng didn’t score … but he also didn’t trip over Dan Girardi. Coincidence? Well, I think not.

Crosby 5

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