NFLPA burns NFL over new personal conduct policy

The NFLPA issued a strong statement in response to the owners’ approval of the new personal conduct policy.

Less than an hour after the owners approved a new personal conduct policy, the NFLPA responded with its own statement, criticizing the league for the lack of a fair collective bargaining process as the NFL was preparing the revised policy. The players’ union said that it did not have input into the new policy and has publicly stated that it disagrees with several of the league’s proposed changes. The full statement from the NFLPA:

“Our union has not been offered the professional courtesy of seeing the NFL’s new personal conduct policy before it hit the presses. Their unilateral decision and conduct today is the only thing that has been consistent over the past few months.”

The NFL’s General Cousel, Jeff Pash, immediately denied the union’s claim that they didn’t see the policy before it was approved Wednesday, according to a report from NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport. “We sent them the policy. Numerous meetings with them. The union knows every element we’re talking about.”

Troy Vincent, the Executive Vice President of NFL Football Operations and a former player, also ripped the union’s behavior during this process, calling its participation in the negotiations “a farce,” per Rapoport. He claims that the players tried to turn the meetings into a “negotiation,” whereas the league apparently was not interested in strict collaboration with the union as it was preparing the new conduct policy.

The NFLPA has long been opposed to any unilateral changes to the policy throughout this entire process, so it is not surprising that the union responded with such a strong statement once the new policy was approved. The continued back-and-forth on this topic between the player reps and the league will definitely something to watch as the season winds down and the offseason begins.

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