NFL power rankings 2014, Week 16: Packers fall from top spot

Read SB Nation’s consensus power ranking to gauge the state of the NFL heading into Week 16.

It took a bit longer than usual, but we’ve finally got teams clinching playoff spots in Week 15. This year, there weren’t really any divisions that were blown out by its division leader, but after one day of games, we’ve now got 75 percent of the AFC decided. All of the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos have clinched their divisions, with the AFC North still up for grabs. In the NFC, the Arizona Cardinals have clinched a playoff spot but the Seattle Seahawks are still fighting for the NFC West crown.

Every team that could have clinched on Sunday did so, save for one: the Green Bay Packers. Notably, the Packers were the team atop SB Nation’s own power rankings, and the consensus rankings, heading into Week 15. But Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense wasn’t able to get anything done against the Buffalo Bills defense, and they fell to 10-4 on the season, half a game back of the Detroit Lions in the NFC North.

Accordingly, the Packers are no longer the top spot in the consensus power rankings. SB Nation’s own rankings have moved them all the way down to No. 5, below three of the above playoff teams and just above the Colts. They’re also below the Seattle Seahawks, who took down the San Francisco 49ers and have now won their last four games.

The aforementioned Patriots, last week’s No. 2 team for SB Nation and the consensus rankings, move into the top spot after a dominant win over the rival Miami Dolphins, 41-13. New England is now looking to snare a first-round bye.

Team Record SB Nation ESPN Football Outsiders Average
New England Patriots 11-3 1
Seattle Seahawks 11-3 2
Denver Broncos 11-3 3
Arizona Cardinals 11-3 4
Green Bay Packers 10-4 5
Indianapolis Colts 10-4 6
Dallas Cowboys 10-4 7
Detroit Lions 10-4 8
Baltimore Ravens 9-5 9
Philadelphia Eagles 9-5 10
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-5 11
Cincinnati Bengals 9-4-1 12
San Diego Chargers 8-6 13
Kansas City Chiefs 8-6 14
Buffalo Bills 8-6 15
Miami Dolphins 7-7 16
Houston Texans 7-7 17
St. Louis Rams 6-8 18
San Francisco 49ers 7-7 19
Carolina Panthers 5-8-1 20
New Orleans Saints 6-8 21
Cleveland Browns 7-7 22
New York Giants 5-9 23
Minnesota Vikings 6-8 24
Atlanta Falcons 5-9 25
Chicago Bears 5-9 26
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-12 27
New York Jets 3-11 28
Washington 3-11 29
Jacksonville Jaguars 2-12 30
Oakland Raiders 2-12 31
Tennessee Titans 2-12 32

The four polls we use:

We use four different rankings to compile our weekly average. Our power rankings sources are from our in-house rankings, ESPN and We also factor in the DVOA rankings from Football Outsiders to add an objective statistical measurement to the formula.


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