‘New York Post’ wants the Jets to ‘Suck for the Duck’

Marcus Mariota just won the Heisman. That means it’s time for Jets fans to start demanding the team draft him.

Well, that didn’t take long.

The Jets’ new marketing campaign. pic.twitter.com/8lVYOPbVoX

— Bart Hubbuch (@BartHubbuch) December 14, 2014

Jets fans really want Marcus Mariota. I mean they really, REALLY want him. Just look:

Interesting eBay auction, Jets fans: http://t.co/4tRfkLN4si pic.twitter.com/JROg2k3Pis

— Bart Hubbuch (@BartHubbuch) December 14, 2014

So everyone brace yourselves for next year, when the Jets draft a fullback.

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