Michael Bennett attributes multitudes of Seattle pregnancies to his sexy sack dance

The population of Seattle went up because of the sheer sexual power of a 275-pound man gyrating his hips. Or so he says.

Remember Michael Bennett’s sexy sack dance?

Of course you do. As soon as you saw it, you looked into the eyes of the closest person to you and made torrid, passionate love, a sexual experience more intense and vibrant than any you’d ever had before. You’ve spent hours thinking about that moment, that wave of pleasures and pains, hoping of someday recreating that exact moment.

Anyway, you weren’t alone: According to Bennett, slews of babies were born because of it:

Michael Bennett says he has the “Most important sack dance in history, because I helped the baby boom in Seattle.”

— John Boyle (@johnpboyle) December 15, 2014

Bennett had previously described his sack dance as “two angels dancing while chocolate is coming from the heavens on a Sunday morning,” so he understands how wonderful it is.

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