Matt Bartkowski ejected for dangerous interference on Brian Gionta

Gionta was injured on the play.

Getting into your first NHL fight is something of a rite of passage in the NHL. We’re not so sure Matt Bartkowski will look back on his first fight fondly, however.

The young Boston Bruins defenseman had to answer for a dangerous hit on Buffalo Sabres captain Brian Gionta on Sunday that led to his ejection from the game. As Gionta skated with the puck up the the ice, Bartkowski lined up his hit and connected with the veteran after he passed the puck to a teammate.

Gionta landed on his neck awkwardly but eventually left the ice under his own power. Bartkowski was assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct for interference.

Here’s a closer look at the hit.

Even after repeat viewings it’s hard to tell how illegal the hit was. He led with his shoulder, but whether Bartkowski connected with Gionta’s head or shoulder first is difficult to discern. Either way, the Bruins are down to five defenseman for the remainder of the game.

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