Marek Hamsik scores midair backheel goal

Backheel goals are cool, but backheel goals scored from midair are even cooler.

Napoli captain Marek Hamsik is playing against his original club as the Italian side takes on Slovan Bratislava in the Europa League, and Hamsik decided to show off a little to make the occasion special:

Yes, that’s a backheel goal scored while jumping. No, I have no idea how he managed it.

Hamsik has struggled some this season, and has been in a slump of poor form for the last month after doing well for most of October. Hopefully this goal helps spark a resurgence for Hamsik, because he’s Napoli’s best player when he’s in form and they need him playing well.

Napoli have already qualified for the first Europa League knockout stage, but need to win today to make sure they’re the top seed from their group. Thanks to that goal and an earlier goal that Hamsik assisted on, Napoli are well on their way to that and lead 2-0.

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