Marc Trestman acknowledges pairing with Jay Cutler hasn’t worked

The Chicago Bears’ head coach acknowledges that quarterback’s shortcomings reflect on him.

The quality of play at quarterback for the Chicago Bears has been the most glaring difference between the team that came within one minute of winning the NFC North last year and the version that currently resides at the bottom of the division. While Jay Cutler deserves a share of the blame, fingers can also be pointed at head coach Marc Trestman.

And according to Michael C. Wright of ESPN Chicago, Trestman understands and acknowledges his role in Cutler’s poor performance. “I think that’s evident I haven’t (done enough to help Cutler) at this point, ” the Bears’ headman said during a Wednesday press conference. He says he’s seen Cutler exceed at various points throughout the season, but the consistency hasn’t been there. While Trestman claims he’s working on the problem, he knows he “can’t hide from that,” either.

There was certainly no hiding from Cutler’s poor play on Monday night as the New Orleans Saints steamrolled Chicago, 31-15. The quarterback completed just 54.8 percent of his passes and was picked off three times, giving him a league-leading 18 on the year. It marked the seventh time this season Cutler has thrown multiple interceptions in a game. That’s simply unacceptable for the highest paid offensive player in the league, and it reflects on his head coach.

“I haven’t been able [to coax the best from Cutler] and we haven’t been able to do the things that we want to get done,” Trestman admitted, later adding, “But it’s not all about Jay. It’s about our entire offense, working together to get it done.”

Cutler’s play has drawn criticism from many corners this year, including Trestman’s former boss and current ESPN broadcaster Jon Gruden. Gruden opined during Monday’s game that the Bears should bench Cutler in favor of Jimmy Clausen. Trestman said he’s not ready to take that step, but if the struggles continue, he may have no other choice. Additionally, he needs to figure out why the team’s preparation hasn’t translated on game days. “We haven’t been able to unlock that, and that’s the reason we’re 5-9.”

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