Manti Te’o is tired of fake dead girlfriend jokes

Manti Te’o is famous for being a semi-decent NFL linebacker and for pretending he had a dead girlfriend. He’d like it if you forgot about that second thing. UT San Diego spoke to the Chargers’ linebacker about his progression in the league, and it’s clear Te’o is tired of your jokes.

That joke. Still?

“I got harassed a few times last year (on the field). I expected that. But this year?” Te’o said Monday. “I told him, ‘Find a new joke.’ “

T’eo’s response came after his team beat the 49ers on Sunday, a game in which offensive tackle Anthony Davis cracked a joke and claims the linebacker “snapped.”

Niners tackle Anthony Davis made a joke toward Te’o on the field Saturday. He thought the encounter so funny, he broadcast on social media Sunday how he “asked Manti Te’o about his imaginary girlfriend last night and he snapped. lol I thought that was hilarious.”

Trash talkers are like elephants, they’ll never forget your every transgression. Especially one that involved inventing another human being. Pro tip: You want people to stop talking about it? Maybe don’t speak to a newspaper about how it makes you feel when people talk about it.

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