Leigh Griffiths offers to buy Christmas gifts for family who was robbed

The Christmas spirit is alive and well.

Most people struggle for cash during the holidays, but things got even worse for the Wright family, whose Scotland home was broken into. The criminals proceeded to steal hundreds of pounds, as well as a car.

But Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths came to the rescue, or at least lent a helping hand. He offered to buy Christmas gifts for the family’s 5-year-old son:

Proper class from @Leighgriff09 he gets so much abuse but this just shows what a good guy he is! pic.twitter.com/XHBEk5sq69

— Darren McBay (@Darren_McBay) December 18, 2014

The Wright family turned down Griffiths’ offer. They found that the robbers had not taken the little boy’s presents so there was no need to replace them, but Griffiths’ did make an impression on the Hearts supporting father.

“We were so gutted to have been burgled and have all that cash and my car stolen, but to then get the message from Leigh was just amazing.

“I never thought anyone could be so kind and it really is a thoughtful thing for him to do.

“I’m a big Hearts fan and have always hated him when he was on the football pitch, but my view of him has really changed now.”

So Griffiths didn’t end up buying anyone gifts. The offer was genuine, and it comes on the heels of Celtic offering tickets to unemployed fans for Christmas. There’s a lot of kindness going around Celtic Park at the moment.

H/T The Scotsman

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