LeBron is spending his off-night in NYC … watching Knicks-Blazers?

LeBron just can’t get enough NBA basketball!

The Cleveland Cavaliers play the Brooklyn Nets Monday, so the team is in New York Sunday night with nothing to do. There are a million things for a young, extremely wealthy person to do in the city … but LeBron James chose to spend the night at the office. Courtside at the New York Knicks game:

LeBron está a pie de pista en el Madison para ver a su amigo Carmelo. pic.twitter.com/7LtgRLYwh8

— Fanático NBA (@CavfanaticoNba) December 8, 2014

Honestly, we can’t say we’ve ever seen this. We’ve seen stars get great seats at sports they don’t play — LeBron often goes to big football games, or the World Cup, or stuff like that — but we can’t remember an instance of a player of LeBron’s stature spending his night off watching a regular season game between two teams he doesn’t play for. Is he scouting? Does he just love hoops so much this is just his idea for a good time? Is he just curious what it’s like to actually go to a basketball game after a lifetime of playing in one?

Who knows. I guess what this means is LEBRON TO THE KNICKS

Holy shit im sitting soo close to lebron james pic.twitter.com/fIYFn0yL8U

— T Burns (@travisburns33) December 8, 2014

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