League Cup semifinal draw pits Chelsea against Liverpool

A very busy January just got a lot tougher for Liverpool and Chelsea, who are going to have to play each other if they want a trip to Wembley and a shot at a trophy. They’ve been drawn against each other in the two-legged League Cup semifinal, while Tottenham Hotspur have a comparatively easy draw, against League One side Sheffield United.

Liverpool are fighting for top four, and have a match with current top-half side West Ham United scheduled for right around the semis. They also have to play Everton shortly afterwards. Chelsea’s schedule isn’t any easier, with games against Swansea City and Manchester City on either side of the semis.

These dates are also likely to conflict with the fourth round proper of the FA Cup. Chelsea host Watford in that competition while Liverpool go away to AFC Wimbledon, so both are heavy favorites to advance. Their league and FA Cup games are likely to get shuffled around to accommodate them.

Spurs clearly got the better draw here, but they haven’t booked their ticket to Wembley quite yet. Sheffield United did just beat Southampton, after all, and Mauricio Pochettino might see this game as an opportunity to play a completely rotated side. Sheffield United aren’t likely to beat Spurs’ best team, but they can beat a disjointed side with a few kids.

The semifinals will take place the weekends of January 20 and 27.

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