Jon Lester replied to *everybody* who tweeted at him … and had some good replies for the mean ones

Jon Lester broke some hearts in Boston by signing with the Cubs. He knows that, and was willing to listen, even if you were rude to him.

A lot of people tweeted to Jon Lester about his decision to sign with the Cubs. Some were congratulatory, some were disappointed, and some were straight up mean. He chose to reply to all of them… even the mean ones.

One person opted to come at him with a “your” and a “trader:”

@N_Ruggiero Sorry you feel that way buddy but i believe you meant “you are” and “traitor”

— Jon Lester (@JLester31) December 11, 2014

And to the more basic ones:

@NicoloJoe no thank you

— Jon Lester (@JLester31) December 11, 2014

.@JLester31 fan here. #Cubs

— Joe Ostrowski (@JoeO670) December 11, 2014

As for the nice ones: Lester wrote “thanks!” a few hundred times:

@TJ_Sigsbee Thanks TJ, I’m excited too!

— Jon Lester (@JLester31) December 11, 2014

And even took time to sympathize with people who called him selfish and stuf like that:

@xxlilstevexx Can’t say I agree with you but I understand the frustration

— Jon Lester (@JLester31) December 11, 2014

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