Jeremy Menez cupchecked Daniele De Rossi

It’s not every day you see one player give another this kind of wake up call during a match.

Late in the first half during the match between AS Roma and AC Milan in Serie A this weekend, the giallorossi had won themselves a corner. Milan forward Jeremy Menez had been taking a bit of a pounding during the match, and as he went to take his position to help defend the set piece, he decided to take a little bit of revenge on Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi.

That’s, um, ow.

To his credit, De Rossi handled the…. incident fairly well. He knew he couldn’t respond too harshly right then and there since the referee was at his shoulder, but he did lay down a couple rather enthusiastic tackles on Menez later in the match. The Milan forward came up limping badly after one of them in the second half, and later had to leave the match.

De Rossi and Menez were once teammates when the Frenchman was himself with Roma. Apparently there must be some bad blood between them from those days, because you generally don’t see cup-checks between old friends on the pitch.

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