Jay Cutler benched because Bears needed a ‘spark’

Jay Cutler won’t be starting for the Chicago Bears on Sunday and is wondering whether he has played his last game for the franchise.

The Chicago Bears were not getting enough out of their quarterback and a change needed to be made. At least, that’s the way head coach Marc Trestman explained his decision to bench Jay Cutler for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions.

Jimmy Clausen, an NFL veteran of 14 games, will be given the task of guiding Chicago’s offense. When asked why Clausen gave the Bears a better opportunity than Cutler, Trestman responded that the team needs a spark and a change at quarterback could provide that.

Two weeks ago, Trestman stated that Cutler would be the Bears’ starting quarterback as long as he was healthy. Trestman was succinct in explaining the shift in philosophy:

Trestman on saying 2 weeks ago that Cutler would remain QB if healthy: “I changed my mind.”

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) December 18, 2014

He added that the decision was performance based and that the team needed to get more consistent play out of its quarterback. Trestman maintained that the decision to bench Cutler was his and he was unwilling to commit to a starter for Week 17.

Cutler was disappointed and shocked when he learned of the decision on Wednesday afternoon. Despite this, Cutler believes he could still play for Trestman and said he wanted to stay in Chicago beyond this season. Rumors have persisted that the Bears might look to trade Cutler, who signed a seven-year, $54 million guaranteed contract extension in January, at the end of this season.

Cutler when asked if he left yesterday thinking he might have played last game w/ #Bears: “It definitely crossed my mind, for sure.”

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) December 18, 2014

Cutler stated that he would rather get paid less to be able to play on Sunday at a high level.

The Bears probably feel the same way, too.

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