How athlete salaries compare to the Grumpy Cat earnings scandal

We’re in the midst of a Grumpy Cat earnings scandal, folks. This is 2014 and the world is weird. Here, we’ll let explain.

Reports that Grumpy Cat, a real cat who is internet famous for looking really unhappy all of the time, has made $99.5 million over two years are “completely false” owner Tabatha Bundesen told the Huffington Post. She did not clarify how much Grumpy Cat has made.

UK newspapers the Telegraph and Express originally reported the figure, crediting the cat’s appearances at places like South by Southwest and her on-air special “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” for the earnings.

Nevertheless, let’s imagine a world where a cat with feline dwarfism is worth $100 million. How would that compare to the salaries of top athletes in the world?

grumpy chart

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