Houston TV station uses video game picture for traded Rockets player

They got the exclusive with the player… but couldn’t find a picture of him.

3-point shooter Troy Daniels was traded from the Rockets to the Timberwolves today. A TV station in Houston got an exclusive interview with him about the deal! They didn’t exactly execute the interview well:

Did @MyFoxHouston just use a pic from a video game for ex @HoustonRockets player Troy Daniels? Wow! pic.twitter.com/l7LTKmCXnN

— Jeff Ceynar (@Jpceynar) December 20, 2014

Yup. That’s what comes up when you google “Troy Daniels NBA 2k15:”

Why did they end up with this photo? Did they not have any actual pictures of Troy Daniels? We do! Look:

Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What we did is we searched “Troy Daniels” without searching “NBA 2K15,” and thus we ended up with pictures not from NBA 2K15.

BREAKING: Fox Houston has scored interviews with several other important basketball players!

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