Good morning. We have reached Peak Kobe.

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Good morning. Kobe Bryant led his Lakers into Sacramento on Sunday afternoon, a place where No. 24 has reams of killer box scores. The Kings had been reeling, with a shoddy defense and uneven offense throwing the season into disrepair. But this is 2014-15 Kobe, not the Kobe we’re used to. This is Old Kobe, not old Kobe. And wow, what a Kobe game it was.

Kobe finished 8-30 from the field with nine turnovers. He scored 25 points while using up 42 possessions. (Nick Young, meanwhile scored 26 points while using 18 possessions.) In seven minutes of the fourth quarter alone Kobe scored 2 points on 1-7 shooting with two turnovers. Including his trip to the free throw line, he used 10 possessions in the final seven minutes of a close game … and earned two points out of it.

The Kings won, of course. Few teams could survive such internal sabotage.

After the match, Kobe claimed he’s exhausted and Byron Scott said he might take some time off. Maybe just try a little less dribbling and shooting. Just a though. In any other city, the fans’ call for Young to start over Kobe at this point would be deafening. There’s no chance of that being entertained in L.A.

Oh well. Let’s basketball.

BRAD STEVENS ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE: Paul Flannery sat down with the Boston coach to ask about those persistent Indiana University rumors and whether Stevens will stick with the Celtics rebuild long-term. The coach answered in the affirmative. The Sunday Shootaround also includes a list of impact deadline deals, some great quotes from Kyle Korver and others, and the Queen of Basketball hoisting the GIF of the Week trophy. Check it out.

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THE OTHER MELO: Michael Lee is a really damn good writer, and wrote an excellent column on Carmelo Anthony’s life.

JUSTICE NEVER RESTS: Robin Lopez’s crusade against all NBA mascots continues with the methhead coyote in San Antonio.

HOLY MOLY: Look at all of the draft picks Boston has gobbled up!

ICYMI: Damian Lillard was something nasty to the Spurs in S.A.’s second triple-overtime game of the week. Cruel winter.

YO: Rudy Gobert is pretty nice.

ROYCE: Royce White on mental health, stigma and social justice.

#KNICKSTAPE: It seems as if it’s becoming more difficult for the Knicks to be patient, but they are doing it.

WELP: Be surprised there aren’t more injuries in the NBA.

VANISHING MAN: Flinder Boyd wrote about the disappearance of former prep star Rico Harris. Gripping, heartstopping.

Happy Monday. We’ll be here through Wednesday, then again on Friday. See you next time.


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