Good morning. The Kings just fired their coach.

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Good morning. We did not expect to be writing about an NBA coach meeting his doom this early in the season, at least not unless it was a coach named, say, Monty Williams. But alas, the Kings stunned everyone — ev-er-y-one — by canning Michael Malone late Sunday night. The Kings are 11-13, having just fallen under .500 due to DeMarcus Cousins’ prolonged battle with viral meningitis.

Reports from Sam Amick and Adrian Wojnarowski are citing philosophical differences between Malone (who was franchisee Vivek Ranadive’s first hire) and GM Pete D’Alessandro, who arrived a couple weeks later. D’Alessandro wants to play up-tempo. Malone is a grinder. Alas. George Karl is the big rumored name. Ty Corbin is the interim.

There is a lot to unwrap here … which we will do in The Hook. Tune in.

Onward. Let’s basketball.

SHOOTAROUND! Don’t pity Carmelo Anthony or the Knicks. They knew what they were getting themselves into, writes Paul Flannery. Plus: some crazy quotes from the week in basketball, the top under-the-radar signings from the summer and your GIF of the Week. Check it out.

KOBE DID IT: Congrats, Bean, for passing Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. Your prize: a party on a plane that resembles the one a kid gets for graduating kindergarten.

INCREDIBLE: The Warriors are up to 16 straight and a 21-2 record. With a rookie head coach.

ALMOST AS INCREDIBLE: The Thunder are only a half-game out of the No. 8 seed in the West. I had joked that they’d catch the playoff bracket by Christmas. I should have been more aggressive and said by the start of Hanukkah. Dang, Thunder!

MEET THE BUSSES: A fascinating interview with Jeanie and Jim Buss from Ramona Shelburne. So much to unpack there.

OF COURSE: The Hornets are reportedly already trying to offload Lance Stephenson.

ICYMI: Dwight Howard is back, and Houston looks even better.

WELP: Nets players openly wonder if they play better when Brook Lopez isn’t around. The data suggests “eh.”

WORST TRASH TALK BATTLE EVER: I think Rudy Gay and Kendrick Perkins are putting on a long con here, because none of this stuff is funny.

ALRIGHT: Marcin Gortat claims he has a “black soul” and teammates agree.

NEVER LET IT BE SAID … that NBA referees like to embarrass players like Corey Brewer who take four clear steps on a breakaway dunk.

SWAGAAM: Nick Young talks to Rolling Stone, and reveals he’s trying to make a sequel to Kazaam starring himself.

SHOENANIGANS: I always love NBA shoenanigans. This one — Tyson Chandler swatting a sneaker pass against the Warriors — is one of the best.

REST IN PEACE: Jeffrey Gamblero, Nets superfan, has committed suicide. He was 38 years old. He recently made the news after being forcefully ejected from Madison Square Garden without apparent cause. News reports indicate that incident sparked a breakdown.

Take care, friends. See you next time.


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