Good morning. Rajon Rondo will get traded. But where?

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Good morning. The big name in NBA trade rumors all of a sudden is Rajon Rondo, the Celtics’ point guard whose had an odd and somewhat rough season. It has long seemed likely Boston would move Rondo given where the C’s are in their rebuild plan and that the roster features an elite guard defender (Avery Bradley) and a promising young point guard (Marcus Smart). Add in that Rondo will be a free agent in July and that GM Danny Ainge has never paid him the max, and you have a recipe for a deadline deal.

Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Wednesday that the Celtics have a “renewed willingness” to consider Rondo trades. Later, he pegged the Rockets and Mavericks as the most passionate chasers. ESPN’s Marc Stein points to the Lakers, Knicks and Kings as three other engaged teams. One would have expected the star-starved Kings to get back in the mix, despite Rondo previously indicating he wouldn’t re-sign in Sacramento.

The underlying issue is that Rondo hasn’t looked much like a star this season, especially in the fourth quarter. How much really will a team give up to rent him, especially non-playoff teams like New York, L.A. and Sacramento? This may be the Mavericks’ race to lose just by virtue of common sense.

Alright, let’s basketball.

BEARLY: The Grizzlies completed a back-to-back set over the Warriors and Spurs thanks to a triple-overtime win over San Antonio. It involved multiple tying bank shots from very tall men and a 21-21 night for Zach Randolph, who outscored the Spurs 6-5 in the deciding OT. God bless the Western Conference.

HOUSTON AIN’T CARE: Arron Afflalo hit a dope buzzer beater to get Nuggets-Rockets to overtime, but Denver couldn’t finish.

IN A NUTSHELL: Brandon Jennings passes up a wide open lay-up off of a back cut to dribble out and brick a mid-range jumper. (His explanation is actually sound. But still!)

RECAPS? RECAPS! Find out more about Wednesday’s exciting results, like #EvenTheHawks who beat LeBron’s Cavs by 29 without Jeff Teague!

QUEEN DOBU: Doris Burke is going behind the back … in heels! Queen of Basketball.

WHAT’S NEXT? How do the Bucks approach a season without Jabari Parker?

WORD TO WAYMAN TISDALE: You laugh at Kings franchisee Vivek Ranadive saying he wants his next coach to be a jazz director, but the Kings can claim the best jazz musician in NBA history in the beloved late Tizzy. It’s destiny. (I really miss Tizzy. F–k cancer.)

DEEP THOUGHTS WITH TOM ZILLER: Owls are the ultimate disruptors.

BLAME: Bill Self blames NBA mock drafts for underclassmen making poor decisions and families pressuring him to play hot prospects more. Bill Self is wrong about that. Yes, how would anyone know Oubre was a future star as a consensus top-15 high recruit that Self chased hard? Blame the mocks!

HUH: Eddie Maisonet makes a convincing case in favor of the pink and teal of CP3′s new signature shoe. It is the first time in recorded history someone has defended the combination of pink and teal.

THE RISE OF CHANDLER: Rob Mahoney is so good. Here he is on how Tyson Chandler evolved in the player he is today.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE: Carmelo’s hat style correlates with the Knicks’ performance. Stay woke.

TIS THE SEASON: Boogie Cousins takes adorable kids on an adorable shopping spree. Here’s a first-hand account from The Smoking Section.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA SWAGGYS: Nick Young and child dress up like Ninja Turtles. But we need to talk about the Swaggy One owning a white coach with a young son?!! His reckless confidence extends to his furniture choices!

MEAN DUDES: Remember the piece critical of Woj I linked on Wednesday? And how I said everyone would be talking about it? Well they need. But this is basically the only tweet about it that is required reading, from Yahoo!’s Dan Wetzel. I can literally feel the heat coming off of my computer screen!

THE CRIMESTOPPER: Excellent catch-up by Sam Riches on the Aquille Carr story.

WHIMSY: How to make ponies run across your GChat window.

Happy Thursday. See you next time.


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