Good morning. Is Chris Mullin the next coach of the Kings?

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Good morning. The Kings made official their firing of Michael Malone and promotion of Ty Corbin on Monday. Malone stayed mum, but GM Pete D’Alessandro explained what the scribes reported on Sunday: philosophical differences led to the dismissal. D’Alessandro also took responsibility for the decision, and refused to answer questions about whether Corbin would coach out the season. (D’Alessandro’s memorable, repeated quote: “Ty Corbin is our coach.”)

Meanwhile, George Karl, who now works for ESPN and previously worked with D’Alessandro in Denver, is openly flirting with the Kings. But Sam Amick reports the Kings haven’t reached out to the coaching legend formally or informally. Adrian Wojnarowski has the dirt on the … uh, interesting things the Kings’ front office wanted Malone to do, like playing Royce White last season. Woj also indicates that Chris Mullin, who is D’Alessandro’s mentor and an official Kings adviser, might be considered as coach. Zach Lowe also digs into the odder elements of the relationship breakdown. Bethlehem Shoals wrote a defense of Malone’s work. As for me, I gave five reasons the decision to fire Malone now made no sense.

But hey, DeMarcus Cousins is due back on Thursday! Only place to go is up.

Alright, enough of my bizarre little Kings. Let’s basketball.

KA-KAW! The Hawks beat the Bulls on Monday. Earlier, Mike Prada explained five things to know about Atlanta.

#BUCKUP: Milwaukee beat the Suns on a Khris Middleton buzzer beater. Best Khris ever?

TWO MORE BUCKS: Jabari Parker suffered what the team is calling a knee sprain. It looked pretty bad. But Giannis Antetokounmpo made up for it by riding a Sun. My God, that’s Ginuwine’s music!

YO? The Lakers trailed the Pacers — the Pacers! — 60-21 at one point and lost 110-91.

SCORES GALORE: Check out recaps from the rest of the action, including a big Blazers win over the Spurs.

SO MUCH POWER: It’s Drew Garrison’s weekly NBA Power Rankings, and hey, check out the Wizards! David Aldridge also talked up Zard City in his Morning Tip.

TRADE SEASON IS OPEN: Most players who signed deals this offseason can now be traded. Here’s a list of four disappointments who could find themselves on the block. I promise it’s not just Lance Stephenson’s name listed four times.

COCO STATE: Andrew Bogut explains the Warriors to Andrew Sharp.

THE SINGULARITY: You like charts, yes? And you like MJ-Kobe deba– hey, where are you going?

WHAT MAKES A FAN: Tom Lorenzo on the passing of Jeffrey Gamblero and the nature of true fandom.

YEP: Steve Kerr with a killer quote about the idiocy of hero ball.

GOOD NIGHT, MCBOB: Josh McRoberts is expected to miss the rest of the season.

HA: The best Secret Santa joke you are likely to hear (read?) this week.

IN DEFENSE OF … CONFERENCES? My friend Will Leitch stands in staunch defense of conferences. I … disagree, and will have a brief response this morning.

WHIMSY: Shaq is the Internet’s best Easy Bake Oven chef.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.


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