Good morning. Did you get basketball for Christmas?

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Good morning. The Clippers picked a nice time to remind everyone they were once a 2015 NBA championship contender. L.A. locked down the Warriors in the final game of the Christmas Day pentuple-header, winning 100-86 at home. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined to shoot just 11-30, and the Warriors went 6-28 from beyond the arc. But of course I’m not sure how anyone could have beaten the Clippers considering the spirited Christmas-themed suit Spencer Hawes wore to the game.

In other action, the Kobe Theory did not work out a second time: Bryant sat, but the Bulls still crushed the Lakers at a point in the day when all reasonable people turned off the television. The Heat also rocked the Cavaliers in LeBron’s return to Miami. Flo Rida gave King James A/C game flashbacks by knocking the power out at halftime. (The grid can’t even handle him right now!) Russell Westbrook had a very Westbrook day to lead the Durant-less Thunder past the Spurs in the day’s best game. And finally, early in the day, the Wizards beat the Knicks. Never put the Knicks on Christmas again, please.

Our NBA on Christmas StoryStream has a ridiculous amount of great content from Thursday. Here are a few of the best things.

NFL ON TNT: Kenny Smith jacked Shaq into a Christmas tree.. This is not a drill.

BOOM: Russell Westbrook goes boom. Matt Bonner dunks on Christmas — a Christmas miracle! Steven Adams puts Tim Duncan on a poster. Fin.

THESE KNICKS AIN’T LOYAL: Quincy Acy tried to fight the Wizards but his teammates were nowhere to be found.


AWESOME: TNT gave us a video update from Craig Sager and family.

TEMECULA: If you are curious as to why everyone is referencing the California city of Temecula, you’ll want to read about the Ballad of the Kobe Twitter Defender.

And now for some scattered basketball stuff from the past few days.

UM: Did John Wall give Drew Gooden $100,000 for Christmas? Can I be a Wizard?

WINTER IS COMING: How Toronto became a hub for NBA talent.

SMOOVE: Josh Smith has chosen Houston. The Rockets will first try to trade a player to free up a roster spot.

We’ll be back on Monday. Happy weekend!


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