Good morning. Blake Griffin really did that.

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Good morning. Monday was one of those classic early-season NBA nights in which lots of totally nutty things happened, but a wide swath of sports fandom missed it because it’s not Christmas yet so the NBA hasn’t “really” started. It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. The truth is that the magic of the NBA is in its little moments and its surprise epic battles. You can’t telegraph when amazing is going to happen, and a lot of amazing happens in November and December. If you’re subscribing to Good Morning It’s Basketball, you know all about it. But it’d be nice if the myth of the season starting on Christmas died so more people could enjoy craziness like Clippers vs. Suns.

Let’s basketball.

BLAAAAKE: In the second craziest game of December to date (Bulls-Mavs!), Blake Griffin dropped 45 points and a bounced three for the win in overtime. Eric Bledsoe had a triple-double. Jamal Crawford got ejected for the first time in his career! Like I said, crazy game.

JOHN WALL IS GREAT: John Wall had 26 points and 17 assists in a double-overtime win, then gave an emotional tribute to a young fan, Miyah Telemaque-Nelson, who died of cancer on Monday. May she rest in peace.

THE NBA CAN’T BREATHE: LeBron, Kyrie and several Nets wore “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts on Monday in Brooklyn as protesters staged a large die-in outside the arena. I wrote about why Derrick Rose didn’t need to explain why he wore the shirt on Saturday. Of course, Rose explained anyway. For what it’s worth, Adam Silver said that while he appreciates the sentiment and players expressing their views, he wish everyone would abide NBA on-court attire rules. I seriously doubt the NBA is going to hand out a fine right now, but Silver can’t exactly tell everyone to do what they want.

Two more related links: Isiah Thomas on being racially profiled, and Jason Whitlock on segregation by incarceration.

ROYALS: Here is a comprehensive recap of Prince William and Princess Kate’s visit to Nets vs. Cavaliers. They shared popcorn with Dikembe Mutombo and met Queen Bey and Jay Z! Later on they hung out with King James, who gave tiny Prince George (not in attendance) a tiny Cavs jersey. I think they probably should have gone with a Kings jersey! But that’s none of my business.

THE LATEST IN ‘KG IS TERRIFYING’: This is Kevin Garnett chasing around Anderson Varejao and clapping like a madman.

NICE CATCH, I MEAN EWW: Enes Kanter got mad and threw his mouthguard, which was caught by an unluckly fan.

SCORES GALORE: Plenty of overtimes, streak perservation and more at our NBA Scores hub.

POWER RANKINGS! Surprise, the West is dominating them.

YEP YEP YEP: Bethlehem Shoals on why the Warriors are so real.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘IF?’ Kobe: “If this is the Titanic, then I’ll going down with the ship.”

OKAY: Watch 10 minutes of James Harden playing good defense.

THE VERGE 50: Our friends at The Verge present the 50 most important humans at the intersection of tech, culture, art and science in 2014. Adam Silver made the list!

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.


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