Georgetown’s live dog mascot Jack the Bulldog now knows how to skateboard


During tonight’s Georgetown-Kansas halftime, there were multiple reports of SKATEBOARDING BULLDOG:

In other Hoyas news, Jack the Bulldog has acquired the skill “skateboarding”

A photo posted by Eamonn Brennan (@eamonnbrennan) on Dec 12, 2014 at 5:01pm PST

At the KU-Georgetown game with @craighulse, our ladies and Jack the Bulldog.

— Justin Maxwell (@JustinMaxwell27) December 11, 2014

However, we couldn’t find any video of Jack the Bulldog actually skateboarding. Luckily, somebody posted a pregame video. And we can’t stop watching it:

If you’re a real jerk, you will point out that Jack is not technically skateboarding. He just got placed on a skateboard and is smart enough not to shift his weight even a tiny bit while the skateboard is moving. However, if you think I care at all about these semantics, you are sorely mistaken. This is a skateboarding bulldog. It is a very good dog, and it is very good at skateboarding. Good job, Jack. I am giving you skritches and treats in my head.

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