FIFA approves goal-line technology for 2015 Women’s World Cup

The referees will have help at the Women’s World Cup.

The 2015 Women’s World Cup will have goal-line technology, FIFA announced on Friday. Goal-line technology was a smashing success at the Men’s World Cup in Brazil this summer, but FIFA had not confirmed that the referees would have the same aid for the women’s event until now.

While it would seem to be an obvious move for FIFA, having already provided the technology for the men’s biggest event, the world’s soccer governing body has a history of shortchanging the women’s game. They have failed to grow the game on multiple occasions and FIFA President Sepp Blatter has even suggested that women’s players should wear more revealing clothing to boost popularity. That was all before they decided to play the 2015 tournament on turf as opposed to natural grass, a move that has angered players to the point that they have sued, claiming discrimination.

With FIFA’s history, it is no surprise that some questioned whether goal-line technology would make it to Canada, but it will. The tournament will use just six stadiums, half of what Brazil used for the men’s competition, so the cost to install the systems is much lower.

FIFA has not yet determined

The draw for the World Cup will be held on Saturday in Ottawa so the entire FIFA delegation are in Canada, as well as managers and representatives from the participating nations. In addition to the news on goal-line technology, FIFA unveiled the tournament’s official match ball, as well as the seeded teams for the draw.

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