Felix Magath blasts English players, but he wants to manage in England again

Felix Magath has this thing where he’s crazy, then says hilarious things. And he’s done it again!

Felix Magath was fired by Fulham in September. It probably had something to do with his overseeing their eventual relegation to the Championship, then his guiding them to last place in the league with no wins from 11 matches in the second division. That, Fulham decided, was enough, and they canned him.

If only the Fulham players weren’t so soft. Then he’d have succeeded.

“English players find it difficult to train twice in one day, once a week. For me it’s an absolute joke that a professional sportsman cannot train twice in one day,” Magath told the Guardian.

“German football has basically been successful for 50 years; the English have had no success for 50 years. Here in Germany, because of our mentality, we are perfectly suited to team sports, like football.”

Ah, yes. It’s the English players’ fault. Note that since Fulham jettisoned Magath, they have climbed to mid-table and are playing pretty good football.

It’s also worth noting that before going to Fulham, Magath was nicknamed “Saddam” by his players. His German players.

And that when he was at Eintracht Frankfurt, Bachirou Salou called him “the last dictator in Europe.”

Oh, and Magath emptied out his players’ water bottles while he made them run through the woods.

But best of all, even though English players are all apparently soft and terrible, Magath wants to manage in England again.

“If I received an offer from a club in London that would be tempting. I would like to live and work there for a few years. A bigger factor in any decision is obviously the situation of the club offering me a job. What I’m looking for is a truly solid, well-led club.”

I can’t imagine a truly solid, well-led club would hire him, but if they do, they should do it on the condition that he run to England from Germany. And all his water bottles are empty.

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