Felipe Anderson took on 4 defenders and won

Usually when a young attacker runs straight at four defenders, it doesn’t end well. Inevitably he gets cornered and loses the ball and a once-promising attack has suddenly turned in to a counter going the other way.

Except, sometimes, it works.

That’s Lazio’s Felipe Anderson, a 21-year-old Brazilian attacker making Inter’s defense look like amateurs. He just skipped his way though, using his ball control to keep all four defenders off balances and making Samir Handanovic do … whatever that was. It wasn’t useful.

Anderson has been struggling to re-find the form that put him on the map a couple of years ago, with this being just his sixth start of Lazio’s Serie A campaign. Before Sunday’s brace, he’d scored just one goal in Serie A this season, with one other in Coppa Italia action. Perhaps this show he’s putting on against Inter will convince manager Stefano Piolo to play him more often. It couldn’t hurt if he can do things like this, right?

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