Fabio Capello is actually going to get paid by Russia!

Congratulations to Fabio Capello, who is going to get paid! Russia have assured him that he will soon collect a paycheck for the first time in six months, allowing to rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed.

“We will use any official source [of funds] which can help the RFU to fulfill its obligations to Capello,” Russia Football Union president Tolstykh told R-Sport.

Capello gets paid $11 million per year, so it’s not a small chunk of change to come up with and this is about the worst time for Russia to come up with a big chunk of cash. The economy is tanking and the value of the ruble is plummeting. Yet here they are, not just due to pay Capello, but to pay him for the last six months.

Russia have been in poor form recently, turning in a disappointing World Cup and taking only five points from their first four Euro 2016 qualifiers, but Capello insists his not getting paid has had nothing to do with it. Even so, he’ll probably be pretty excited to cash a check again. Assuming the check clears, of course.


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