Even new Florida head coach making fun of the Raiders

It’s all a bit too easy, really.

New Florida head coach Jim McElwain is just having fun out there during his introductory press conference, and that included taking a poke at the Oakland Raiders.

McElwain on his time coaching with the Oakland Raiders: “Some people would say I didn’t coach at the highest level.”

Cody Jones (@CJonesScout) December 6, 2014

McElwain was the quarterbacks coach for the Raiders back in 2006, in which they finished 4-12. That would be a great record for the Raiders this year, as they currently sit at 1-11.

Here are a few more highlights from his morning.

McElwain on QBs: “You gotta understand this, I think I can win with my dog Clarabelle.” (Jeff Driskel’s ears perk up.)

— Alligator Army (@AlligatorArmy) December 6, 2014

McElwain on lessons learned from Evel Knievel: “I learned not to ride motorcycles or jump cars.” (Yes, really.)

— Alligator Army (@AlligatorArmy) December 6, 2014

McElwain the mutt: “I’m that dog they dropped off at the Humane Society that has a bit of every breed in it.”

— Alligator Army (@AlligatorArmy) December 6, 2014

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