Doug Fister bought *everyone* Starbucks for Christmas

Well, not quite everyone.

This is apparently a thing that’s possible:

Merry Christmas Eve! Have a Starbucks on us! Have the barista scan the pic below. Don’t be a grinch, please use for 1

— Doug Fister (@dougfister58) December 24, 2014

That is incredibly nice of Doug Fister! And you get the added gift of explaining to the barista that “no, this wasn’t a gift from a family member. A pitcher for the Nationals got this for me. No we don’t know each other. His name is Doug Fister. Yes, Fister. Yes, that’s pretty funny but can I have my drink.”

Well, not anymore. Coffee On Fister has ended:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The gift card was meant as a first come, first serve until the amount ran out, just a little holiday gift.

— Doug Fister (@dougfister58) December 24, 2014

I don’t see many angry replies to the initial tweet, but I guess some people thought Doug Fister would buy them coffee FOREVER and are now disappointed. I’m curious how much it was …

(via Extra Mustard)

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