Dominic Raiola intentionally stomps on Bears DT’s ankle

The Lions center deliberately attempted to injure a player on the opposing team for the second time this season.

Remember earlier this year when Dominic Raiola went for the knees of a Patriots player on a meaningless play because he was mad his team was losing? Well, he did something awful again:


That’s Raiola pretty clearly intentionally stepping on the ankle of Bears DT Ego Ferguson. He clearly looks down at Ferguson’s ankle, and he clearly stomps down on the unaware lineman with force.

Much like his play against the Patriots, there is no possible intent Raiola could’ve had besides injuring an opposing player. This happened with the play over, and he aimed for a part of the body that’s particularly vulnerable to bad injuries.

Luckily Ferguson didn’t seem particularly hurt — he limped off the field, but the Bears didn’t release any word that he was seriously injured — but that isn’t the point. This is now the second time this year Raiola has made a non-football play with the intent of hurting another player on the field. That’s not okay. The NFL should punish Raiola, and harshly, to let him know trying to hurt the opposition is not acceptable.

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