Detroit is misrepresenting NC barbecue at the Quick Lane Bowl and needs to be held accountable

Quick Lane Bowl taking chances by serving pulled pork as media meal. Had a sauce bottle labelled ‘NC’ that was tomato red.

— Mark Armstrong (@ArmstrongABC11) December 26, 2014

No Detroit, no. This is NOT okay. Look, it’s kind of hokey in a charming sort of way that you’d attempt to serve barbecue to a bunch of guys who live and study in North Carolina, but don’t you DARE try to put some unintelligible red crap in a bottle and label it as “NC.”

Before you say “Oh, maybe it’s Western NC sauce” let me stop you.

  1. That stuff is molasses based and would be more brown.
  2. You’re objectively wrong if you think it’s better than Eastern NC.

I don’t mean to come on too strong here, Detroit — but you deserve it. I probably should expect as much from a city that has one culinary export I know of: Faygo. You can thank the Insane Clown Posse for that.

Forget parties, a good North Carolina barbecue sauce creates a symphony in your mouth. The exquisite marriage of smoked meat and vinegar with just enough spice to make you remember it. It’s simplicity and complexity paired for life; the Super Mario Bros of culinary experiences. Don’t you mess that up Detroit, don’t you dare mess that up.

If you actually put ketchup in that bottle and labeled it “NC,” then I’m coming … strong, and Robocop can’t save you.

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