Dan Mullen rocks a phenomenal “Christmas Vacation” sweater

The Cousin Eddie line makes a triumphant return to the Mullenverse.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying in storytelling as good, old-fashioned continuity. You’ll recall that back in August, Mississippi St. Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen was one of the coaches involved in the “coaches reading mean tweets” segment on ESPN. Mullen was reading off a tweet comparing him to Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, leading to this transcendent moment in history:

Well, it’s Christmas season, and that means it’s Christmas sweater party season. And look at Coach Mullen with the deep pull!

Merry Christmas from the staff party. pic.twitter.com/dYRYlVOWmD

— Dan Mullen™ (@CoachDanMullen) December 21, 2014

By itself, the sweater’s really funny. On Mullen it is the highest comedy. Well, as septic tank jokes go, anyway.

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