Dabo Swinney fed grapes to a pig named Jules and considered pursuing a hit-and-run driver

All in a day’s work for the Clemson football head coach.

Dabo said interesting day yesterday, Car crash, plane crash (toungue in cheek) and fed a pig at a recruits house #Clemson

— Brad Fralick (@BradFralickWYFF) December 12, 2014

While we await video of what must be one of the greatest pressers of the Clemson coach’s career, let’s try and reconstruct these events.

1. The car accident

Clemson coach Swinney describes accident yesterday on highway w/ Marion Hobby driving, hit and run. “Thank goodness we in big old SUV”

— Eric Boynton (@ericjboynton) December 12, 2014

Swinney wanted to chase the hit and run driver to get the tag number after car accident. “The Alabama came out in me.” Everybody was okay.

— Eric Boynton (@ericjboynton) December 12, 2014

2. The broken plane

Dabo, Vic Beasley and staff involved in car accident in Orlando and blown tire on the plane landing back in Clemson last night #Clemson

— Brad Fralick (@BradFralickWYFF) December 12, 2014

Then the coaches get on a plane and land in Clemson and plane had a big blowout on tire..nothing but metal. Horrible sound

— TigerNet.com (@ClemsonTigerNet) December 12, 2014

3. The pig

Clemson coach Swinney went on a home recruiting visit, “to the wild kingdom” three dogs and a pig named Jules. Dabo fed grapes to the pig.

— Eric Boynton (@ericjboynton) December 12, 2014

Dabo does not suspect foul play as far as the automotive incident goes, and presumably the other events as well.

Swinney says he also fed grapes to a pig…didn’t see Gamecock tags on the car that crashed into them

— TigerNet.com (@ClemsonTigerNet) December 12, 2014

Please arrive quickly, video.

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