Cowboys recover onside kick up multiple scores on Washington in Week 17 game

The BEAT ‘EM DOWN siren has been turned on.

Dallas was up 20-7 on Washington in the second quarter of a game that doesn’t mean a whole ton. This is not a scenario you normally run an onside kick. But out of the sheer desire to make Washington’s season end as miserably as possible, ONSIDE KICK TIME:


Trenton Robinson tried his best against a squad of Dallas players who were actually expecting the football, but couldn’t come up with it. DeMarco Murray would score a TD on the drive, so it’s now 27-7.

There isn’t much on the line in the game — the Cowboys can move up to the No. 2 seed, but need help — so this is just solid hate.

The Cowboys recovered an onside kick against Washington up 20-7. They are trying to get everyone on WAS fired. I approve

— Chris B. Brown (@smartfootball) December 28, 2014

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