Congressman’s gaffe somehow links Eli and Peyton Manning to sexual assault

That wasn’t really the question, Mr. Cohen.

You would think getting elected to Congress means you can effectively speak to a wide range of issues without diving off of a cliff of your own making. That does not appear to be the case for Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), who was asked about a sexual assault allegation against a Tennessee Titan.

From TMZ:

The 65-year-old politician explained that he’s not really a big football guy … but keeps up with Peyton and Eli Manning … and knows the following thing to be 100% true:

“Eli and Peyton DON’T DO sexual assault against people … other than their wives.”

Does Rep. Cohen — one of the 535 elected Americans who sets federal policy and law for our country — not know the difference between sex and sexual assault? And how does he know so much about what happens in Manning bedrooms, anyway?

You wouldn’t think it’d be so difficult to not sound like a huge creep when asked a question about whether sexual assault should be punished. Perhaps we expect too much.

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