Capitals fill Nicklas Backstrom’s locker with hats after his hat trick

So that’s where all of those hats went.

It’s a hockey tradition for fans to throw hats onto the ice after a player registers a hat trick. If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what happens to the hats after the game. Do they just throw them away? Do they give them to charity?

Well, the Washington Capitals finally provided an answer. Nicklas Backstrom scored a natural hat trick on Saturday, so after the game the players took all of the hats and threw them in his locker.

Backstrom’s locker

— Chris Gordon (@Chris_Gordon) December 14, 2014

That is one heck of a collection. Backstrom didn’t seem to know what to do with them.

— Chris Gordon (@Chris_Gordon) December 14, 2014

Eventually he just walked away and let some team employees deal with it.

Clean up!

— Chris Gordon (@Chris_Gordon) December 14, 2014

The dude just scored a hat trick! He doesn’t need to clean up piles of hats.

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