Canucks give up two goals in under one minute to Rangers

Might want to cut down on those odd-man rushes, Vancouver.

Here’s a piping hot hockey opinion for you: good things generally do not happen when you give up three odd-man rushes in less than a minute.

The Vancouver Canucks are Exhibit A for that theory, as they fell behind 2-0 early to the New York Rangers thanks to a wacky sequence of plays.

It started when the Canucks’ defensemen got caught pinching, leading to a four-on-two opportunity for New York. Ryan McDonagh buried it for the goal.

On the very next play, the Rangers broke free for a three-on-two chance that the Canucks managed to stop. But they clearly hadn’t learned anything, because New York came right back on a two-on-one and made it 2-0.

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Only 43 seconds passed during this whole sequence. The Canucks’ Twitter account said what we all were thinking.

— Vancouver Canucks (@VanCanucks) December 14, 2014

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