Bulgaria are trying to pull Dimitar Berbatov and it needs to happen

The Bulgarian national team has a new manager, and he wants to pull Dimitar Berbatov out of international retirement. We think that’s an absolutely fantastic idea.

Ivaylo Petev has been the manager of the Bulgarian national team for less than a day, and he’s already had the best idea that he will ever have in his career.

“I have the ambition to meet [Dimitar Berbatov] and talk [about him coming out of retirement]. We’ll see what will happen.” Those were Petev’s words in his introductory press conference.

And with that, Petev became a hero.

You see, Dimitar Berbatov isn’t just a footballer. Oh no. He’s a silky smooth god of finishing. He has flicks and spins and curls volleys and blasts galore. His languid style of play up top has long served him well, sometimes almost making defenders forget about him as he slithers away to latch on to a through ball and leave the defense scratching their heads.

Berbatov had a stellar international career, scoring 48 goals in 79 appearances for Bulgaria from his debut as an 18 year old in 1999 until 2010, when he retired from international football. Now 33, the Bulgarian god of finishing is showing that he still has something left in the tank, scoring five goals in 12 league matches for Ligue 1 side AS Monaco. If Petev thinks that Berbatov has something left to give his country, then Dimitar should answer the call.

Even if it’s just for one match, seeing Berbatov play for Bulgaria again would be an experience. Watching him float around the pitch scoring stunning goals and generally just being amazing is always a privilege, but seeing him do it for his country, in front of fans who adore him and acknowledge him as the transcendent footballing being that he is… that’s special. Please, Berba, let us have that experience again.

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