Bruins broadcaster rages at officials for allowing illegal Blue Jackets goal


Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards is already widely known around the hockey community for his enthusiastic Bruins play-by-play. Others might take it a step further, but we’ll just say that he has a soft spot for the team he covers and it occasionally bleeds through the TV broadcast. Loudly.

Saturday night provided a great example of Jack Edwards at his finest. The Bruins were already playing poorly when the Blue Jackets scored after the puck hit the netting out of play late in the second. The goal shouldn’t have counted, but the referees missed the call and Edwards went ballistic.

He then continued his angry comments until the period ended. We like to imagine he kicked his chair during intermission. Love him or hate him, Jack Edwards is must-watch entertainment when he gets angry.

(H/T @PeteBlackburn)

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