Brett Lawrie got pizza with a 6-year-old who cried when he was traded

The Blue Jays traded Brett Lawrie to the Athletics a couple weeks ago, and it made this young Jays fan so very sad:

And while young Amelia is probably correct that Lawrie’s not coming back to Toronto anytime soon, she got a more personal surprise:

I’m sure u guys all remember seeing this little girl on YouTube about me leaving the jays so I thot I’d surprise her

— Brett Lawrie (@blawrie13) December 12, 2014

very very cool pick of me and Ameilia :):)

— Brett Lawrie (@blawrie13) December 12, 2014

Very nice, Brett.

Is this an inappropriate time to mention that I cried when the Knicks traded John Starks in 1999 and also like pizza?

(via Cut4)

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