Brendan Rodgers defies logic (again) by keeping Brad Jones as starter

Yes, Jones will remain as the starting goalkeeper for Liverpool, replacing Simon Mignolet.

Brendan Rodgers has a goalkeeper in poor form in Simon Mignolet. With a huge match at Old Trafford and his job security at an all-time low after an embarrassing Champions League exit, Rodgers elected to bench Mignolet in favor of Brad Jones. Brad Jones who hasn’t had a decent match in years. Brad Jones who hasn’t started a league match when the primary goalkeeper is healthy in years.

Predictably, Jones didn’t do so well in Liverpool’s 3-0 loss, completely misreading the play on Manchester United’s first goal….

… and almost seeming to lose track of the ball during the buildup to Manchester’s third goal, leaving him hopelessly out of position.

So you’d think after a performance like that, Rodgers would be quick to get his better shot stopper back in the lineup, right?

Brendan Rodgers in press conference here saying that Brad Jones will continue in goal and Simon Mignolet “has accepted it”

— Daniel Taylor (@DTguardian) December 14, 2014

… oh.

This season is rapidly turning in to an unmitigated disaster for Liverpool. Frankly, starting Jones on a regular basis isn’t going to do anything to stem that tide. As poor of form as Mignolet has been in, Jones on his best day isn’t even that good. He might struggle to find a starting job in the Championship; for an EPL side with dreams of the top end of the table, he’s maybe good enough to be a third goalkeeper.

Liverpool need a whole lot of answers, and they need them right now if this season is going to be saved. Trouble is, Brad Jones is not one of those answers. All he does is raise more questions. Questions as to why Rodgers is making the decisions he’s making, questions as to why Liverpool didn’t do a better job of reinforcing their squad depth, questions of whether or not they have what it takes to correct this slide. Questions of whether or not Rodgers is the man to get the job done.

One of these days, Liverpool will find the answer to those questions. The longer Jones is involved, though, the more likely it is that Liverpool fans won’t like those answers.

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