Brandon Marshall says he’d have ‘buyer’s remorse’ on Jay Cutler too

Brandon Marshall defended his quarterback, then explained why Jay Cutler is overpaid.

NFL teams make for awkward work environments. Everybody knows everyone else’s compensation, so it’s easy to judge who is actually pulling their weight. Chicago Bears wideout Brandon Marshall admitted on his radio show that quarterback Jay Cutler isn’t pulling his.’s Ian Rapaport reported this past weekend that the Bears are having a “serious case of buyer’s remorse” about the seven-year, $126.7 million contract they gave Cutler this offseason, which included $54 million guaranteed. Marshall supported his quarterback, but also admitted that his price tag is hefty.


“What I would say is we all know Jay is more than capable of getting it done,” Marshall said. “It doesn’t always fall on him. I guess that’s why those guys are the highest paid players out there. Because when you win and everything is going good, they get all the glory. And when it’s bad, they take more than what they should take.

“But I can understand that as far as as a business man, I would have buyer’s remorse, too.”

The Bears are in the midst of a 5-8 season, and Cutler has absorbed a lot of the blame (though, it should be noted, he is posting a career high 91.7 quarterback rating). Cutler has struggled especially of late, throwing 13 touchdowns to nine interceptions over his last seven games. The numbers aren’t disastrous, but they’re not befitting a quarterback who is being paid like the best player at his position in the league. The Bears are 2-5 over that seven-game stretch.

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