Big 12 selling championship merch for TCU, one of two TRUE CHAMPIONS

And in a few hours, either Baylor or Kansas State will join TCU as a Big 12 ONE TRUE CHAMPION.

The Big 12′s motto this season has been “ONE TRUE CHAMPION.”

The idea is that, while the Big 12 doesn’t have a conference championship game to actually determine a conference champion, it is the only Power 5 conference that plays a true round robin conference schedule. If there is a tie, then the head-to-head matchup should determine which team would be the ONE TRUE CHAMPION. Every game counts, decide it on the field, etc.

That is, unless you can make some easy merchandise money on TWO TRUE CHAMPIONS. (Or unless having just ONE champion would hurt your conference’s Playoff chances.)

#Big12FB: @TCUFootball championship apparel is now available as Frogs claim share of title –

— Big 12 Conference (@Big12Conference) December 6, 2014

No. 3 TCU, the apparent Big 12 champions, lost earlier this season to No. 6 Baylor, and will have the same conference record as the winner of No. 9 Kansas State-Baylor later Saturday night. That would make that winner, in addition to TCU, the ONE TRUE CHAMPION of America’s only ONE TRUE CHAMPION conference.

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