Big 12 does not have one true definition for ‘One True Champion’

Tough to believe this backfired.

The Big 12′s ad campaign this year has featured the now-much lampooned “One True Champion” tag line. For a conference that doesn’t feature a championship game and thus can have co-champions, it’s a silly claim on its face. However, with Baylor and TCU publicly jockeying for a College Football Playoff spot, this is getting more scrutiny than most marketing efforts.

When we last checked in with Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, he said that the “One True Champion” thing was in reference to how everyone in the conference plays everyone else, which, whatever. However, when pressed with a question about the chances of co-champions back in July, he said something rather different.

Here is the video of the Bowlsby presser: @OurDailyBears @TruthOrBear247

— David Taylor (@mrdctaylor) December 5, 2014

One would imagine Bowlsby is hoping either one of Baylor or TCU loses this weekend so people will stop asking him about this.

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