Basel troll Liverpool on Instagram

This is some top-shelf stuff from Basel after they knocked Liverpool out of the Champions League.

Swiss side FC Basel held on for a draw against Liverpool today, knocking the English side out of the Champions League while securing their own place in the knockout rounds. That they did it at Liverpool’s home pitch made their success all the sweeter. Emboldened by their accomplishment, they took the opportunity to poke some fun at their English opponents, posting this on their official instagram account:

Making fun of a historic club’s anthem and bragging about Liverpool being the third English club they’ve knocked out of European competition in recent years, after knocking Chelsea out of the Champions League and Tottenham out of the Europa League in 2013? Hat’s off to you, Basel. That is some top-shelf banter.

Of course, anyone who knows much about English football knows that Chelsea and Tottenham would leave Liverpool lying on the pitch while pointing and laughing, but that’s neither here nor there.

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