Art Briles doesn’t think the College Football Playoff committee is Southern enough

The Playoff has given us some great “Briles-isms.”

Baylor coach Art Briles is not pleased that the Bears were left out of the College Football Playoff, and he made that clear on Saturday, exclaiming that Baylor should make the Playoff because “this is America.”

Well as it turns out, Briles seems to think his team was left out of the Playoff because the selection committee doesn’t have enough people from a certain part of America.

“I think the committee needs to be more regionalized with people associated with the south part of the US.”

— Brian Kaufman (@BrianKWTX) December 7, 2014

“When I die, they’re not gonna bury me in Maryland. They’re gonna bury me in Texas.”

— Brian Kaufman (@BrianKWTX) December 7, 2014

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