Andrew Luck pulled after worst game of his career

Andrew Luck was bad against the Dallas Cowboys, like historically bad — at least by Andrew Luck standards. That’s a pretty lofty level, but take a look at what it took for the Colts to decide to pull the trigger and put in Matt Hasselbeck.

Complete Attempted Yards Avg TD INT Rating
15 22 109 5.0 0 0 41.7

To put this in perspective it was Luck’s worst ever game in passer rating and yards, and his second-worst game in yards-per-attempt.

In all fairness it wasn’t all his fault. T.Y. Hilton was injured, and every single Colts receiver decided to forget how to catch the ball. Drops mounted in the first half to comical levels, with wide-open targets letting the ball careen off their chests and onto the ground without much effort.

Then Hasselbeck came in and fumbled on his first drive, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. This is a game the Colts just want to forget, because Tony Romo is absolutely dismantling their defense.

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